Business software We develop effective applications
consult and certify management systems

Our technologies and services will help you streamline all of your company’s operations.

Your team will have the opportunity to be creative,

free from unnecessary administrative bureaucracy.

Your clients will receive undivided attention.

>300 projektů


>550 projects

  • Project, change and risk management
  • Simplified administration and reporting
  • Team, budget, workflow guidance
  • Ideas - implementation - benefits
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>1,5mil dokumentů


>1,5 million docs

  • Document management software
  • Multiple-step approval workflow
  • Shared work over documents
  • Metadata & full text search
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service desk
>1 million requests

  • Web service desk software
  • Easy definition, control and approval
  • Comprehensive reports and statistics
  • Interactive work environment
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for education administration

  • Automated system of administration
  • Courses overview, plan completing
  • Courses capacity monitoring
  • Feedback and quality evidence
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>400 000 hodin


online timesheet application

  • Work reporting online application
  • Accurate time reporting on tasks
  • Overview of employee work input
  • From documentation to delivery
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system for mass communication

  • Structured communication tool
  • Sending to groups or individuals
  • Online SMS and emails gate
  • Municipality - school - office
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Our software is thoroughly developed on proven technology. We conform to common international standards and methodologies.

Brno Address

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Prague Address

  • Na Pankráci 30
  • 140 00 Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • +420 533 434 111

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Icontio Ltd.

  • Spielberk Office Centre
  • Holandská 1
  • 639 00 Brno
  • Czech Republic
  • Company ID number: 277 29 958
  • Tax ID number: CZ277 29 958
  • Data Box: a7bdew

Icontio Ltd. is registered in the commercial court of Brno, file number A 19701.

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