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We consult and develop information systems

We are based in the Czech Republic and can provide solutions for you across Europe and the world.

We provide long-term quality and comprehensive services from the development of information systems and their implementation to strategic consulting, process analysis, project management through to implementation and management of information security.

We develop our software on proven technology


PMportal demand from the farthest location so far - Michigan Lake!

In the development of better methods of effective management and control we did not stop. We are working on a system supporting implementation of strategies and concrete steps of a modern concept of Smart Cities.

You will hear more about them soon...


Our products mature and meet new customers

PMportal and IQdoc for project management, document workflow, and others, have found several new customers among both large and smaller offices, and in small and international businesses.

Our great service desk Unicom was implemented in the largest city in the Czech Republic in just three months. Furthermore, not only for the management of IT requirements, but also for the registration of security events and training requirements.


Revolution of job and task reporting.

We created a cloud service called ePíchačka (eTimeCard) for managing tasks and working hours.Tasks, recording and tracking of work hours was significantly simplified.

Reporting on ePíckačka in a snap!

PMPortal was certified for compliance with the Brtish Prince2 project management methodology. We also had 6 of our staff go through training and examination on the Prince2Foundation and became high level practioners.

Our company passed the audit on information security management in accordance with ISO/IEC 27001. We partnered with Stormware to deliver their economic system Pohoda. We enabled Pohoda with most of our systems.

We are dymanic!


Starring: IQDOC and PMPortal

IQDOC and PMPortal are compatible with several ERP systems.(Welfare, SAP, Abra, RIS) amongst other applications and systems. Thus exporting accounting information and approval of invoices was simplified.

We also received accredition from the Ministry of Education for education in Cyber Security.


IQDOC is born.

We started on developing IQDOC, a tool for those who want to organize their documents and information, but do not want complicated and expensive filing and database management systems.It is also aimed at those who require a simplified workflow, digitization, archiving and shredding of documents. During its development, we tried to focus on making a user friendly product, with maximum automation. We created IQDOC to help organizations in all aspects of management of information and documents.

Save your time when searching for and managing your documents. It is better spent in the service of your clients.


We started to solidify our role as consultants

First, we introduced project management, but we gradually moved on to reorganization, strategic consulting, and HR process audits. In addition to the aforementioned, we expanded our focus to information security. Information security is dealing with its own virtual identity and nowadays must be undestood as well as we understand road safety regulations. Before talk about the ’cyber space’ and threats to its security became common place, we were ahead of everybody else. We created and launched a training program and material for primary and secondary school teachers, so that they may in turn transfer to their students the updated knowledge in this field that they had acquired.

This training was attended by more than 100 teachers from numerous schools in the South Moravian Region of the Czech Republic.


Creation of PMPortal. And Our Accredition

We developed the first version of PMPortal. PMPortal is a system for transparent management of a large amount of project information, which enables management and control of processes throughout the project lifecycle. We also became an accredited institution for government and public offices (under Act. No. 312/2002 Coll.) in areas such as information security, project management, optimization and management processes, services and IT. We went through a quality management and were ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Dreams do become reality. But for us it does not stop there. We always try to be one step ahead.


We work for you!

We developed ComOne on simple but an in-demand service for people around me. Schools and municipalities repeatedly needed to send information to parents and citizens respectively. They needed a simple tool, that could be operated from anywhere, that could serve special interest groups, whether it was citizens walking the streets of Vienna or parents of boarding school pupils in a 3rd grade cafeteria. We enabled an interested party to send out mass communication to the targeted group, regardless of where they were located, with the simple push of a button.

How much hassle has ComOne saved? Well, you will have to ask our ComOne clients. ;)


New technology

We began to implement a new vision: NFC. It was new technology, mostly unknown, but with amazing capabilities. It is probably trivial today, but back then it was really cool to have an integrated chip card on your mobile phone, that you could use to pay for goods with, identify yourself, encrypt data and so on. Near Field Communication also allowed mobile phones to wirelessly retrieve a wide range of information and specially communicate with other mobile phones.

We also continued to develop other applications and systems and our client base expanded.

We head to the same direction together.


We stood on the threshold of new challenges.

The task was to stabilize and manage a portfolio of about 100 projects in a large organization, in unfavorable conditions. After sometime it became clear that the only viable option was the introduction of reporting, documentation,change management and risk management. There were no available tools and the methodology was complex. The idea was conceived and consequently a prototype was developed that simplified the task. This formed a foundation for the universal system that we today call Excel. The development methodology continues to be advaned in subsequent years, but at some point, Excel may have to be replaced by the web portal.

Then it became clear how important it is to not overlook the needs of the customer, while taking advantage of the synergies consulting competence, and experience, along with the knowledge of technoloy and an innovative approach.


Establishing the company

Icontio started out in a field that was very close to me: information systems in banks. Since then we have provided development services and application management , inter alia, to one of the largest banking groups in the GB market. From the beginning we have always tried to create, build and better already existing technology. One of our first innovations was a system that could support both voice and video amongst numerous users. We began developing, and we targeted various corporates that would colaborate with us. Even tough we had a prototype completed, the competition beat us to the market, with products such as MeetingPlace and Cisco Webex.

Although at first, something may go wrong and not according to plan, do not give up! You have to learn from your mistakes.


Starting up

Initially, for me, business was just a hobby; something to do over the weekend. Some people took evening walks, went to the pub or the gym, I enjoyed finding and creating solutions for problems. I started to believe that together, a supplier and a customer could make something new and special. Both care about the continuity of the business, and to sustain it, both had to be involved.

You are probably familiar with the adage, the initial investors in a start-up company are the 3F’s.(Fools, friends and family) I started with Family.

  • We have used PM Portal from 2013 to manage our internal projects, thanks to which we have we have been able to implement process management in a company with nearly 2000 employees. Since we began using PMPortal from Icontio, with who we have very good relations, we have been able to significantly streamline the process of project management. The system is continuously changing and improving, but we are not worried because Icontio is always ready to help us with the all the necessary enhanced modules.

    Eng. Jan Koubský
    Operation Excellence System Manager
    Mondi Štětí a.s.

  • Thanks to the introduction of the online work reporting from Icontio, we got an accurate perspective on how much time is needed to complete individual projects. We were able to get more detailed data to help us determine overhead and help us with internal accounting and payroll processes. Overall, having this system has become an excellent springboard for thr introduction of an enterprise-wide information system.

    Eng. Jan Zámečník
    ELSEREMO Stage Technology, a.s.

"It's through curiosity and looking at opportunities in new ways that we've always mapped our path."

Michael Dell

Our satisfied clients are the best reference



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