ComOne Every message immediately delivered Inform a large group of people at once

Online Mass Communication system supplementing local radio with a summary of information delivery

Our mass communications software acts as an online service in the cloud. It is designed for direct mass communication with groups of people via SMS and email. You are assured of receiving the information even if the recipients are at work or on vacation.

ComOne for large organizations and municipalities.

Resgistered residents will definitely apreciate receiving news regarding matters that concern them, such as news of imminent danger from flooding or change of garbage collection day, from their local council.


Examples of messages sent:


  • There will be a scheduled shut down of gas on your street on 10/5 at 21.00. The gas service will be restored on 12/5 at the latest. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  • The lecture by Proffesor Tomas Halik on 14/10 at 18.00 has been moved from the municipal hall to the local school due to the unprecedented number of people who expressed interest to attend.

Choose the method and scope of cooperation

We are closer to our residents. I am glad when our residents are satisfied with our timely information of incidents. We can collectively avoid the many complications associated with conventional as well as crisis situations, such as road closures, shutdown of water and gas supply amongst others. I can also inform you about community activities such as elections and cultural and sporting events.

I can protect residents better. In case of emergencies such as fires, floods and other natural disasters, I can inform the people in time and manage the situation without major panic. Using ComOne makes residents feel safer.

Notify immediately by ComOne application


Flu epidemics, floods, fires, gas supply interruption...


News about scheduled events.

What can you do with ComOne?

  • Create any group of recepients; according to similar interest or residence.
  • Thanks to interest groups, you do not send messages to those disinterested in receiving them.
  • Multiple users can send SMS and E-mails.
  • If it is not urgent, only those who are interested will receive the message.
  • Easy to use. No installation. No maintenence.
  • All you need is an internet connection.
  • ComOne for schools.

    Service for communication between teachers and parents and teachers and management using Bulk SMS. Ideal for urgent communication or convenient reporting of events.


    Examples of messages sent:


    • The school will be closed between 2/10 and 3/10 because of the flu epidemic that has struck.
    • on 17/5 at 17.00 there will be class meetings for all parents in the school hall.

    Since we started using ComOne, administrative school functions run smoother that ever before. I can notify all the staff abour current happenings through one SMS or email. Even in unpleasant situations, such as flu outbreaks, I can inform all parents and teachers with just one SMS.

    With ComOne working with parents has simplified significantly. As a class teacher, I appreciate the ability to easily contact the parents in case of parent-teacher conferences or other school activities. I am 100 % sure that the parents will get the informatiom in good time.

    I have stopped asking the children when and where school events will be held. I am always informed of major events by either SMS or E-mail. It saves me a lot of time and this way I am always sure I will not miss an event.

    Informed parents = better performing school

    How can ComOne help?

  • Create groups of recepients. Send messages to parents from one class only.
  • Send information by email if it is not urgent.
  • Easy to use. No installation. No mainetenance.
  • All you need is an internet connection.
  • Have a peek at ComOne’s refreshing interface.

    But that’s not all!

    Scheduled sending

    Set in advance messaging for class meetings, school trips or other important events.

    List of undelivered messages

    Stay informed which recipients did not receive the messages and inform them again, perhaps by telephone.

    Credit recharge and billing.

    In our system, you can top up credit, which will be consumed in future. We will send you their listing, to keep track of system usage.


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