PMportal Effective project management software controls team, budget, documents and risks

Invest in your future through software PMportal

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

Alan Kay

PMportal project management

  • Reporting and transparent overview of all project information
  • Process management throughout the whole project lifetime
  • Document management, versioning, offline access, templates and forms
  • Schedule monitoring, task planning and time reporting
  • Risk and change management, workflows, audit trails

Switch to a profitable way of work

jasný reporting

Clear reporting

rychlý přehled o stavu projektu

Projects overview

pořádek a systém

Order & system

PMportal software - the right choice for your project management needs

PMportal helps to transform a good employee's idea into a new project and save the money! See how easy it is!

Project management software PMportal

Portfolio management

  • Whole project portfolio in one place
  • Manage numerous projects concurrently
  • See summaries across multiple projects
  • Permission settings for document access according to the project role

Project management

  • Secures workflows and methodologies
  • Clear project planning
  • Risk, change and qaulity management
  • Effective task assignment
  • Work is reported on tasks
  • Easy and clear budget control

Project documentation

  • All project documentation at one place
  • Automatic document versioning
  • Managing templates and forms
  • Offline accesibility of documents
  • Saving audit trails, edits and changes
  • Project website includes 2 document libraries (library for all documents and for secret documents)

Use PMportal as you wish Project management implementation can be gradual.

Project management fundamentals

Start by unifying records, then we can create a methodology with workflows for the implimentation. Then we set up basic registers for both ideas and projects in the document templates and project portal. Thanks to the initial workshop, your company will be better adjusted to using similar terminology and basic processes.

Start now!

Quality and security improvement

Use only what is useful for you! Start with basic project information, tasks and project team. Continue with securing documentation, change, risk and quality management and other agendas. It's up to you whether you choose to use Cloud solution or install our project management software on your infrastructure!

PMportal grows with you!

Long-term cooperation and support

The reality is diverse and we know it. PMportal improves management of various project types. Regardless of whether you use Prince2, IPMA, PMI, DMAIC methodology or public procurement processes, PMportal is the right choice for you. We can help you with managing projects as well as training your staff.

Project management and education!

  • PMportal by our clients

    We have been using PMportal from 2013 to manage our internal projects, thanks to which we have been able to implement process management in a company with nearly 2000 employees. Since we began using PMportal from Icontio, with whom we have very good relations, we have been able to significantly streamline the process of project management. The system is continuously changing and improving, but we are not worried because Icontio is always ready to help us with the all the necessary enhanced modules.

    Ing. Jan Koubský
    Operation Excellence System Manager
    Mondi Štětí a.s.

Smart project managment = fewer sleepless nights

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