Unicom service desk Connecting Business & Services

Central request administration needs to be simple even with many underlying processes, information and controls.

Request administration system

Understandable and logical functions

We comprehensibly and transparently adhere to standards and processes.

Ticket, task, workflow

Simple information input, complex managing and monitoring. Everything is divided into phases, links, processes and controls.

Get to work immediately after launch

Functions you frequently use are available right from the start. Everything that would be normally difficult to find is already ready for you. If something is missing, UNICOM is extensible.

Shed some light

Helps with establishment of order and increase in satisfaction. And not only that! You will be able to see the information from different times and perspectives, from the project owner, respondent or supplier’s points of view.

Available everywhere

Available on PC, tablet, notebook, smartphone… Work directly from your browser.

Interact actively with the information

Create your own reports. You can edit and create data views, save and share them.

The clear solution to the requirements of different departments.

  • UNICOM offers simple request assigning, service administration, well organized and defined statistics and reports.
  • UNICOM minimalizes overhead, freeing time for valuable work.
  • The system adheres to best practices for managing ICT defined in ITIL.

The submitter sees their own requests, the solver their assigned tasks and the management has an overview of the graphs and statisctics, from which they can access detailed information.

  • Safely stored information, strictly managed authorization.
  • UNICOM controls procedures, obligations, deadlines and contractual parameters.
  • Links with other processes and systems we take for granted.
  • We fine-tune the system to your meet your specific needs during deployment.

There are many ways to use UNICOM, find the one just for you!


System is runs on the Cloud, where there exists sufficient performance, security and availability. You do not have buy or handle any hardware.


Turnkey delivery. We will install UNICOM in your servers. You can decide whether to have it entirely in your hands or to separate management of the systems.

24/7 support

We cooperate with you, provide support, supervision and request solving, remotely and on site. Summer or winter, dusk till dawn.


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  • Na Pankráci 30
  • 140 00 Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • +420 533 434 111

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Icontio Ltd.

  • Spielberk Office Centre
  • Holandská 1
  • 639 00 Brno
  • Czech Republic
  • Company ID number: 277 29 958
  • Tax ID number: CZ277 29 958
  • Data Box: a7bdew

Icontio Ltd. is registered in the commercial court of Brno, file number A 19701.

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