eTimeCard Online work reporting application
Forget Excel and paper time sheets

Freedom to work from wherever you want!

I can finally report my work hours online! From anywhere!

It is important for me to always have an overview of work I have done. Using one account I, can access multiple organizations that I work for and track numerous projects.

Having an assistant to help you with task management is bliss. I have eTimeCard.

I can manage my company with much more ease. I have perfect overview of all projects and employees which saves me a lot of time, all in one place. It is like a dream come true.

I have significantly reduced my expenses.

I can manage and coordinate several teams that can interact with and supplement each other. Thanks to feedback from eTimeCard I can continuously improve the work environment.

Report work done from anywhere!

Online job reporting application, eTimeCard, enabling you to work on projects anytime and anywhere.

You do not have to sit in the office all day in order to meet your working hours

  • Application eTimeCard runs on the Cloud. You don’t have to install anything.
  • Every employee and company is registered separately, so one individual can engage in numerous activities for several organizations.
  • The output is an overview of each project’s work costs.
  • Available for use on your PC, smartphone or tablet.

Your team will love eTimeCard

  • Clocking in and out of the office is the history. The work you've done is what counts, not the time spent in the office.
  • No more calculating your work hours on a calendar or notebook. Everything is automated on eTimeCard.
  • Do not waste any more precious time asking around. All your tasks are available on eTimeCard.
  • User friendly interface with organized evaluation screens.
  • Each team member clearly knows their responsibilities in the tasks they have been assigned to.

Have a look!

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  • Na Pankráci 30
  • 140 00 Prague
  • Czech Republic
  • +420 533 434 111

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Icontio Ltd.

  • Spielberk Office Centre
  • Holandská 1
  • 639 00 Brno
  • Czech Republic
  • Company ID number: 277 29 958
  • Tax ID number: CZ277 29 958
  • Data Box: a7bdew

Icontio Ltd. is registered in the commercial court of Brno, file number A 19701.

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