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"Software IQdoc - your documents workflow"


documents processed in IQdoc

Digitization and electronic processing of invoices and other documents

The input can be e-mail, scanner, manual file insertion...

Why IQdoc is ideal software for you?

Simplifies and automates workflow

It is important to facilitate the entire document lifecycle from beginning to end. IQdoc works with documents from its creation, over approval process, digitization and full text search, to archiving.

Easy guidelines use and maintenance

IQdoc helps to create, comment, approve and use internal guidelines. After a document is published on a specific date and binding, everyone is invited to confirm that they acquainted with it.

Metadata and full text search

Thanks to the document metadata and its content, you will always find what you're looking for. Even if the document is not correctly categorized.

IQdoc brings reliability and eliminates barriers!

Imagine your work without filling out the same forms many times over, running around the office chasing invoice approval or searching for dated versions of a contract. Automated document workflow solves it all!


Well, you can stop imagining and make your job easier with IQdoc!

I can always access up-to-date documents with the option to go back to older versions.

I appreciate this feature especially when working with invoices, orders or form templates. I can always see tasks that have been assigned to me. I can also see changes that were made previously and by whom.

I do not overwhelm my employees with unnecessary documents.

They access only the documents they need. I can define different subgroups of users that can access only certain documents in specific versions. The biggest advantage is that I can view and track individual documents at anytime.

Choose the version that best suits your needs


Document management
= organize your documents


Entry + special folders
for documentation with workflows


Standard + evidence and approval of requests for documents

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